About ONRAD Radiology Services

ONRAD is a radiology services provider offering flexible, custom radiology service solutions can include teleradiology, on-site coverage, subspecialty reports and turnkey quality assurance programs.

As a true partner, we know our radiology services need to be more than just good reports.  So here is what makes us different – we get to know our clients and they get to know us. Our team proactively reaches out to every customer on a regular basis and provides detailed monthly reports.

Teleradiology Services

ONRAD teleradiology services are provided by U.S. based ABR certified teleradiologists. Preliminary and final reports are available 24/7/365 with superior turnaround times that are unmatched in the industry. We are so confident in our numbers that we post them online for everyone to see, every month. See our latest teleradiology turnaround times and teleradiology quality data.

On-Site Radiology Services

ONRAD works closely with each customer to create a custom hybrid solution. In addition to on-site radiology services, customers also have access to ONRAD’s large network of top quality teleradiologists. For supplemental teleradiology coverage, ONRAD averages only 13 teleradiologists credentialed per customer facility, which saves significant time and money over some competitors that require all of their doctors to be credentialed at the customer site.

Radiology Quality Assurance

ONRAD can provide a complete Radiology Services QA Program for hospitals that do not have one, or would like help developing their own process. ONRAD’s Quality Committee will work directly with physicians at the customer site to develop a program that ensures the highest quality care for every patient. Learn more about ONRAD’s Radiology Quality Assurance Program.