On-Line Radiology Medical Group, Inc. Radiology Services


On-Line Radiology Medical Group, Inc. began in 1998 providing daytime online radiology services to just a handful of hospitals in California. After realizing the benefits of teleradiology provided to their own medical practice, On-Line Radiology’s owners expanded the scope of the business to offer the same service to other radiology groups across the U.S. Since then, our company and our service offering have evolved with the ever-changing radiology industry. After acquiring Meridian Regional Imaging, a subspecialty teleradiology provider from Illinois, we knew it was the right time to make some even bigger changes.

On-Line Radiology and ONRAD, Inc.

ONRAD, Inc. is the management company supporting On-Line Radiology from an infrastructure, technology and administrative capacity.  Under ONRAD, we are no longer providing just Online Radiology interpretations — we are a true full service radiology provider with a comprehensive suite of services to support the unique needs of any customer.  Through our joint efforts, we offer a better stronger company that can help its customers be more competitive. 

Our Milestones

1998 — On-Line Radiology officially begins providing teleradiology services

December 2007 — TeleMammogaphy services announced

November 2008 — Through a partnership with Columbia University Medical School Online Radiology offers pilot tele-fMRI reading and consultation program

May 2009 — Availability of HL7 connectivity announced

July 2009 — PACS ASP service announced

January 2010 — Online Radiology acquires Meridian Regional Imaging

February 2010 — Online Radiology conducting business as ONRAD, Inc.

April 2013 — ONRAD, Inc. acquires Shafaie Enterprises, LLC

December 2013 — ONRAD, Inc. acquires Radiology 24/7

ONRAD continues to grow

ONRAD’s staff of radiologists, teleradiology technologists, operations and IT support personnel is among the best in the industry – and dedicated to providing every customer the best service possible.  Quality patient care remains our top priority with services provided 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  ONRAD remains Joint Commission accredited since 2006.  In 2014, we are poised to interpret more than 800,000 exams.