Teleradiology Turnaround Times

Histogram 11 2017

Average Turnaround Time November 2017: 20 minutes


ONRAD’s teleradiology turnaround times are consistently low. Every night, the Operations Team ensures that each study is complete and read as quickly as possible. We are so confident in our teleradiology turnaround times that we share this data every month. The above chart shows the average teleradiology turnaround times for the previous month as well as an “all time” average for all the data we have.

Preliminary Reports vs. Final Reports

There is no distinction made between turnaround times for preliminary teleradiology reports or final teleradiology reports — that’s because ONRAD physicians treat both study types with the same level of urgency. For final teleradiology report customers, there is no “wet read” first — customers receive the final report right away.

Teleradiology Turnaround Times Support Busy EDs

During the busiest time of night — 5pm to 10pm — ONRAD’s teleradiology turnaround time is consistently well below 30 minutes. Getting fast, accurate teleradiology reports helps the emergency department to be more efficient — and more competitive. You can rely on ONRAD to provide services quickly and efficiently when time matters most.

Report Quality

It’s not just about the turnaround times — ONRAD physicians provide the highest quality interpretations. See ONRAD’s Teleradiology Quality Data.